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Neda´s bread

Baked bread originated in Egypt, thousands of years before Christ, and the Romans introduced the oven in Europe. In those days, yeast didn’t exist; it made its first appearance in the 16th century when it was first used by French bakers and baking was made in hot ashes. The cakes were thin and they were used as plates...


Bread holds inside the crackling fire that was started by our ancestors, bread sets their voices free, the whispers of people passing through stations, bread holds inside with zeal the inheritance of a tradition...

Home service - Tlf: 981 38 06 10 - WhatsApp: 670 957 813



Products - Quality & Flavors

Neda´s bread

Pastry cook


"Always near you"

* Always to you disposal ...
Will have one of our shops near of tí with a wide schedule and opened every day, with bread recently fact and a big variety of products

* Cool bread daily ...
Cooked in our installations every day and to distinct hours to offer bread recently fact

* Special products for special moments ...
We have of the products that look for for this special celebration, even personalizables, that will do the delights of all the family

Pasion by the cafe

Your place of meeting with a coffee, where buy your bread daily... And a space to enjoy while talks with the friends or read the newspaper.

Many of our venues include café and/or ice cream parlour...



Avd. de Algeciras, 89 Neda (A Coruña)


Call us: 981 380 610